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Contact Management and Cockpit Access

From February 2023, our customers will be able to manage their contacts themselves via Cockpit. People will now have access to Cockpit with an individual user account. How to manage these contacts and what to keep in mind, we show you here.


  • Customer account: By a customer account we mean the sum of resources (servers, racks, etc.) that run under one customer number and thus one invoice recipient. Each customer account is identified by a customer number.
  • User account: A user account is a personal login in our login system. A user account can be used to access multiple customer accounts if the appropriate authorization has been granted.


Persons (and thus user accounts) are linked to a customer account via different roles.

  • Cockpit Access: The person is granted access to Cockpit and is allowed to interact with the resources of the customer account in it. For administrative functions (e.g. viewing invoices, managing contacts and addresses), the Customer Admin role is also required.

  • Technical Contact: Technical contacts are allowed to create tickets and receive technical information from us about a customer account's resources. If you also have the Cockpit Access role, these people can interact with the resources of a customer account in Cockpit.

  • Customer Admin: Customer admins are main contacts of the customer account. They have the most rights and can do everything in the cockpit (provided they also have the Cockpit Access role). Admins also receive all important information from us via e-mail.

Add new contacts

As a Customer Admin (with Cockpit access) you have the possibility to manage contacts in the Cockpit yourself:

To give a new person access to your customer account, create an invitation in Cockpit. The person will receive a link by e-mail. To accept the invitation, the person must log in with their existing or a new user account.

Caution: Make sure that the e-mail address in the invitation matches the e-mail address of the user account!

If the person cannot or does not want to create a personal user account, you can still let us do the contact management for you. Just drop us an e-mail from an address we know to Support or call +41 44 637 40 40.

Manage roles

You can manage the roles of existing contacts in the Cockpit.

A role can be removed by a specified date (in the future) or immediately. The specified date is inclusive. This means that the person will still have the role and thus the corresponding access until the end of the given day.

Logins for existing contacts

If a person is already in the list of contacts that have access to their customer account, this person can create a new user account (if not done already) and will have access automatically.

Delete user account

User accounts are personal and are managed by the individuals themselves. As a customer admin you cannot delete user accounts, but you can revoke cockpit access and other roles from individuals (see above).