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How can I contact Nine in an ungent case outside office hours?

In urgent cases, you can call us outside our usual office hours.

To access our status page, go to There you will find information about current incidents, planned maintenance and work by third parties that may affect the availability of our services.

Proceed as follows if you want to contact our on call personnel:

  1. Dial our support number (+41 44 637 40 40). Outside office hours, you will hear a recorded announcement.
  • Change to the standby service menu by pressing the 9 button (as advised).
  • Confirm the terms of the service with the 1 button (CHF 250.- per hour, with a minimum charge of one hour).
  • Our on call personnel will be informed about your call and get back to you within the next minutes.

Please note If action on site is requested, for example to exchange a disk, the drive to the data centre will be invoiced at CHF 250.- flat.