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Memorystore is a GCP service that allows customers to run a Redis instance.


For customers who would like to use Redis within the GCP. Redis is an in-memory data structure project implementing a distributed, in-memory key-value database with optional durability. Redis supports different kinds of abstract data structures, such as strings, lists, maps, sets, sorted sets, HyperLogLogs, bitmaps, streams, and spatial indexes.


Memorystore is NOT available as standard with nine Managed GKE. However, you can create a ticket for the activation.

Ticket Content

We will need following information when creating your instance:


  • Instance name - This will be your instance ID aswell.


  • Display name - Default: empty
  • Memory Size in GB - Default: 1 GB
  • Redis version - Default: 4.0
  • Tier - Default: Standard


Every Redis instance receives a private IP. This means you can NOT connect to it from your local computer. Only access form within the nine Managed GKE cluster is possible.

The IP you can find on runway.


No special requirements needed.


Memorystore does not require any password by default.