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Kubernetes Dashboard

The Kubernetes dashboard is a service for nine Managed GKE that provides a web interface for your cluster.


For anyone who need to view the status of their cluster without using the command line the Kubernetes dashboard provides a secure web accessible interface.


The Kubernetes dashboard is available as standard with nine Managed GKE.


You can find the address to access the dashboard on runway. With this it will be possible to sign in and view that state of your cluster and namespaces.

View only permissions

To allow you to audit changes to your cluster, and to provide the maximum security, nine disables the Kubernetes dashboard from anything except read permissions in each namespace. Although we strongly suggest that you do not change this setting it is possible to grant the dashboard admin permissions, with namespace granularity, by adding the following annotation to your namespace object "true"

Please note that if this step is performed, EVERY user of the dashboard will gain admin permissions in this namespace. This feature is subject to change in a future version of nine Managed GKE.