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Filestore is a GCP service that allows you to run high-performance, fully managed file storage.


For customer who need to persist data or have stateful applications nine offers file storage with this service.


Filestore is charged separately from the nine managed GKE base platform. To order Filestore please contact

Request Content

We will need following information when creating your instance:


  • Instance name - Unique. This will be your instance ID aswell.
  • Tier - Standard or High availability.
  • Size - In TB. (1TB min. / 2.5TB min for high availibilty)
  • Fileshare name - Name of the fileshare.


  • Description - Default: empty


To provision file storage, after purchase, you have to use your storage class. You can find it on runway und your Filestore instance

Please be aware that there are different access modes for the PVC:

  • ReadWriteOnce – the volume can be mounted as read-write by a single node
  • ReadOnlyMany – the volume can be mounted read-only by many nodes
  • ReadWriteMany – the volume can be mounted as read-write by many nodes


apiVersion: v1
kind: PersistentVolumeClaim
name: example-disk
storageClassName: filestore-instance1
- ReadWriteMany
storage: 10Gi

Filestore is provided as a pool of space which you are able to divide up into logical units via kubernetes PVC objects. We do not enforce the size of a NFS Persistent Volume Claim by default. This means that every NFS Persistent Volume Claim can use all the available space on Filestore. This makes it easier to expand the storage of Filestore if ever needed. Please inform us if you need hard quotas set on NFS Persistent Volume Claims.

Please see the official documentation, linked below, for more information on the concepts of storage in Kubernetes.


There is no automated backup provided by Google when using Filestore. The creation and deletion of backups needs to be done manually. The easiest solution for now, is to create a Kubernetes cronjob resource which executes the gcloud commands listed in the official Filestore documentation. Please contact for help to create a Google service account with the corresponding permissions.

To restore a created backup, please contact We will then restore the content of the backup into a new Filestore instance, which can be mounted in a Kubernetes pod to access individual files.