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Cluster Monitoring

Cluster Monitoring is a component of nine Managed GKE that allows you to quickly see the current state of your cluster and deployments.


For customers who need to visualise the state of their cluster, nine provides a set of dashboards, built with Grafana, which allow this. You are also free to create your own dashboards, manage them in folders to create different hierarchies and add alerts to them.


Cluster Monitoring is available as standard with nine Managed GKE.


Nine provides a standardised set of dashboards which you may use to view your cluster. These include views showing:

  • Overall cluster health (resource usage, cluster scaling state, etc...)
  • Current state and data of the cluster ingress controller
  • cloudSQL status (if cloudSQL is purchased)

Login details to your grafana instance are provided on runway.

Custom Dashboards and Alerts

To create your own dashboards, have a look at the official Grafana Documentation.

Please note that Nine Managed Grafana comes with certain restrictions:

  • Currently, it is not possible to add your own datasources.
  • Editing the pre-deployed dashboards is not allowed, however, you can copy the JSON-definition of panels and use it in your own dashboard.
  • It is not possible to configure alerts via email
  • Alerts can only be defined on Dashboards & Panels that you have created