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Cloud Pub/Sub

Cloud Pub/Sub is an asynchronous service-to-service messaging system provided by GCP designed to be flexible and reliable.


Cloud Pub/Sub is NOT available as standard with nine Managed GKE. However, you can create a support-ticket for the activation.

Ticket Content

We will need following information when creating your Topic:


  • Topic Name - This will be the ID for your topic
  • ServiceAccounts - Let us know what setup you want for ServiceAccounts. We recommend to have a ServiceAccount to publish and one to subscribe. We can also setup ServiceAccounts that have permission to do both, or have access to multiple topics or subscriptions, if this is a requirement.

Per Subscription:

  • Subscription Name(s) - This will be the ID(s) for you to subscribe on your topic. Multiple subscriptions per topic are possible.
  • Type - either push- or pull-subscriptions.
  • Push Endpoint - only for push-subscriptions, where to push messages to. Needs to be an HTTPS endpoint with valid certificates.


  • Allowed Persistence Regions - You may choose if the messages should be stored in a different region than your GKE cluster's. Default is the same as the GKE cluster, europe-west6 (Switzerland).

Per Subscription:

  • Acknowledge Deadline - The maximum time to allow for acknowledging a received message. If this deadline is exceeded without an acknowledgement by the receiver, the message is considered to be sent again.
  • Message Retention Duration - How long to retain unacknowledged messages in the subscriptions backlog, from the moment the message is published. Default: 7 days. If Retain Acked Messages is enabled, it also defines how long acknowledged messages will be retained.
  • Retain Acked Messages - Wether to retain acknowledged messages or not.


See the Cloud Pub/Sub documentation for examples. The names of the Topics and Subscriptions are listed on runway.


The ServiceAccounts will be listed on runway.