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Which email server do I have to configure in my program?

For setting up your email account use the whole email address as username. For connection settings of incoming and outgoing servers please refer to the following table.

Incoming Mail (IMAP)Incoming Mail (POP3)Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

For clients which do not support StartTLS alternative SSL ports are available. This concerns among others POP3 in Gmail and Outlook 2010.

Incoming Mail (IMAP)Incoming Mail (POP3)Outgoing Mail (SMTP)
EncryptionSSL or TLSSSL or TLSSSL or TLS

Possible problems with internet security solutions

The internet security solutions from some vendors like GData or Avira inspect incoming and outgoing email traffic. As a result of the encryption they can not inspect the traffic and may refuse encrypted connections. Please try the alternative SSL ports and check with the vendor of you internet security solution regarding the necessary steps to send and receive e-mail over encrypted connections.