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How do I use ns5/ as a second DNS?

If you want to operate your own DNS server and configure the Nine DNS server to be a slave to prevent downtime, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure your name server allows AXFR zone transfer for the IPs (, IPv6: 2a02:418:400b:2::f), (, IPv6 2001:67c:2f98:5::5), and (, IPv6: 2a02:418:400b:1::6).

  • Login to Cockpit with your customer login details and select the menu item DNS at the top

  • Click the Add button and enter a new secondary domain on ( is the transfer and data master host of ns5/

  • Enter the domain and master server

  • Send a DNS notify to all of our name server

For every change you make to your dns zones, you will have to send a DNS notify to