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Static Sites

If you have a site with purely static content, makes use of a combination of buildpacks to deploy a web server to serve your static files.

Static sites are detected by looking for these files in your git repo:

  • index.html
  • public/index.html

Example Apps

We have two static sites in our examples repository. You can deploy them with nctl:

  • just a plain index.html

    nctl create application static-html \
    --git-url= \
  • a frontend react app built with npm

    nctl create application static-react \
    --git-url= \

Build env considerations

To override the automatically detected paths mentioned above, you can specify the build env variable BP_STATIC_WEBROOT=<directory> to any directory within your Git repository.

NPM Frontend

If you have Node modules that need to be installed during the build step, will detect this using the package.json file and run npm . In this case, the resulting files will end up in the directory build and it will serve the artifacts from there.